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PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle
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PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle: Claim your PS Vita week before the official release date with the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle. Become one of the first to discover the new ways to play the biggest and best games. For a limited time, get the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi system plus a 4GB memory card, a limited edition case, and Little Deviants game. • Blur the lines between entertainment and reality with breakthrough controls, including back and front multi-touch screens and dual analog sticks. • Change the way you play when you access AT&T’s Mobile Broadband Network* *Mobile Broadband access….

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Xperia Play - PlayStation Pocket Games

The Playstation Pocket was released by the Sony company in order to meet a rising demand for portable electronic entertainment. With the introduction of the Playstation Pocket came the release of a number of different corresponding Playstation Pocket games. Playstation Pocket games were unique from games for other similar portable gaming consoles because they were downloadable. Many of the Playstation Pocket games that Sony introduced were originally arcade games or were inspired by arcade games. In order to boost sales and popularity, Sony slowly introduced more and more games to the public. Sony hoped that because the Playstation Pocket games could be easily and quickly downloaded that the purchase of Playstation Pockets games would steadily increase. Because they hoped that accessibility would inspire an increase in Playstation Pocket game sales, Sony tried to quickly make a large variety of games available to the public.

PlayStation Pocket StoreSome of the most popular Playstation Pocket games included Medievil, Jumping Flash, Cool Boarders, and Syphon Filter. Race car games were also particularly popular with Playstation Pocket users such as Grand Theft Auto. Sports themed games like FIFA 08, Madden NFL 07, and Major League Baseball 2K8 were popular. Children’s games were also released in hopes of tapping into the under 16 demographic. Some of these children’s games included Avatar: the Last Airbender, WALL-E, and Spongbob Squarepants Truth or Square. The variety of Playstation Pocket games eventually dwindled because the Playstation Portable gained popularity, overshadowed, and eventually out-sold the Playstation Pocket. This led Sony to eventually discontinue the Playstation Portable.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play R800i Unlocked Phone and Gaming Device with Android OS and Slide-Out Gamepad
List Price: $499.99
Sale Price: $159.99
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Verizon Phone Help Pleasee!!!?

Can someone please give me there in-depth opinion of which phone i should choose and why? I am with Verizon and here are the ones im interested in"

Xperia Play- I am a gamer although xbox, but still this interests me. Playstation suite will make this even better.

HTC Trophy- Like i said i play xbox so this phone interests me. I am un sure about the zune software since i have itunes. Is it a better value or just a big mess to switch over? Windows 7.5 mango looks VERY interesting as well, but will they come out with a new windows phone soon?

Iphone 4/5- Obviously a great phone and i have a ipod touch already which i enjoy and itunes. I will waite for the 5 to come out just too see the price and how it is. If it is too much hopefully the 4 will drop and il get it.

Any other suggestions? I know droid has a few good phones out, but im not sold on there app marketplace and media player.


List of All the Sony playstation Phones from oldest to newest?

i want a good phone easy to use plz say positives and negitives as well thanks!

Questions about the Playstation Phone/Xperia Play?

Does the XP let you hook up to your playstation like PSP Vita? Does it require you to just by the games on it? Which is better IPhone 4S or XP?

Playstation 3 quantum of solace?

I need help on collecting all cell phones. I almost have all of them. I collected two last night from barge and the airport the hard spots. I’ve also gotten some tricky ones invenice. But I need help on finding some hard cell phone spots any sugestions on besides playing the game again.

what is PlayStation Network Phone #?

is it free to call

what is a playstation?

my grandson said he had a playstation what is it i know what a xbox is is it the same thing

NGP PSP Questions and sonys playstation certified phone?

HI guys, I just want to ask about sony’s playstations certified phone, are they actually going to be able to play all NGP PSP games like call of duty or uncharted or only some NGP PSP games. As for the NGP PSP, heres a vid talking about the memory at 1:12-1:25 they talk about some new flash based game system,and stuff, is there going to be a memory card or is the memory card going to be built in. Please help. Thanks soo much.

Should I get a Ps vita or the ipod touch 4g?

I just sold my old ipod touch 2g and thinking about getting something else. I already have the playstation phone which is kind of similar to the ps vita, (but not as advanced) the only plus the xperia play has over the vita is making calls. I’m a bit of a gamer (xbox 360) but no ps3. I need some help on deciding which one is more fun?

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