How much does a used gameboy advance sp cost at a used game store?

my 4 year old wants a hand held game system for his 5th birthday but I think he is too young for a DS or psp plus they are too expensive. I think leapsters and vsmile pockets seem kinda cheezy he’s used to playstation 2 games. any thoughts on this? Do you think it will still be easy to find SP games for a while? when did they quit selling the SP? Okay sorry this is alot of questions in one:)

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    4 Responses to “How much does a used gameboy advance sp cost at a used game store?”

    • Krazykyle says:

      You can get a brand new gba sp for easily under 100$ , check ebay if you now how to do that stuff. They will make gba games for a while they will die down around 2009-2008, also for games check you can find them very cheap. I recommend pokemon games ,yes even if he is not into that its way better than the stupid show and has 100’s of hours of game play!

    • igottaknowanswer says:

      by now, they should cost a good 20 dollars used

    • freakyricancuban says:

      just go to ebay or craiglist you can find tons of deals which are way better than actual stores hopes this helps

    • Tyler D says:

      it probably coast not 2 much because their old so u can get it cheap.

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