Minecraft Pocket Edition For PSP Go And Others

Petition Link: www.petitionspot.com Thanks For The 1000 Veiws or however you spell that… Remember to Comment, Rate and Sunbscraibe or however you spell that….

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    6 Responses to “Minecraft Pocket Edition For PSP Go And Others”

    • RevolutionCraft says:

      Good idea

    • Jimneybob1 says:

      @RevolutionCraft Thank you :)

    • SuomiLEGO says:


    • kenshin1388 says:

      I hope you know that the PSPGo requires games made with c, c++, lua, and a select few languages as well as only has 64MB of ram. 32mb of which is available for only games while the other 32mb is for the OS. This leaves a majorly low amount of RAM for even maps to load
      Xpheria play has 512MB, so there is much more to work with. As well as the Xpheria play runs with Android, and slight modifications made by Sony for PS1 support. Programming for Android is easier because it runs java and sdk is fre

    • Jimneybob1 says:

      @kenshin1388 Bloody hell… Brain Overload, Brain Overload!!

    • gabriel25gatens says:

      eh? so are you making a minecraft pocket homebrew?

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