Pwnage – Xperia PLAY

Kristen Schaal does battle with Kristen Schaal, using a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY versus another smartphone. Spoiler alert: Kristen wins Find out more at

25 Responses to “Pwnage – Xperia PLAY”

  • MickersoftCorp says:

    TAKE IT!

  • sweetepnoy says:

    Apple and Nintendo better watch their backs.

    I know Sony is now an underdog after falling from grace during the 7th generation of gaming. The fallen king. They compete in industries that is fickle. Ten years ago, Sony was on top of the world with PS2. Apple was still niche and Nintendo would release their worst-selling home console. Things can change so fast.

    NGP and Xperia Play is Sony’s dark horses. Pocket aces up their sleeve.

    The Return of the King?

  • TheRealAlfy says:

    Whats the point in getting an Iphone 4? The 5 is coming out this summer. Whats the point in getting a 5? The 6 is coming out next summer. The iphone. Robbing idiots since the rise of shit jobs.

  • sweetepnoy says:

    I’m still dreaming about how awesome this device would be for emus. Want to play the first TMNT game and beat it after 20 years. Genesis’ version of Aladdin and Cool Spot. Endless amounts of gameplay.

    And if I want to share a Nintendo and Sega classic with my Sony phone to my buddy – Bluetooth transfer. Something my fucking iPhone can’t do!

    Nintendo + Sega + Sony together as one! How ironic.

    While NGP can present the current times, Xperia Play can help rediscover our past.

  • arkivx1 says:

    I really like my current SE Xperia, I’d probably buy one.

  • Evulmeh says:

    @TheRealAlfy Because the quality of phones is dictated by how fast their new version is released right? Just because a new version is released doesn’t mean the old one is crap. By updating the phones frequently, you can trust that when you buy an iphone, it is up to date. Better then buying a phone 2 years after it’s release, just because it only updates every 3 year. Then find out it’s only technologicallt significant for another year.

    Frequent, smaller updates > Slow, big upgrades.

  • ThePandaMovement says:

    @TheRealAlfy Sweet logic bro

  • Weider63 says:

    stupid as hell )

  • GuardianKiyoshi says:

    I would marry her. o 3o

  • viridiseqeusequitis says:

    Is that an iPhone? If yes, haha

  • Zyphera says:

    She got such a cute vocie.

  • downphoenix says:

    @sweetepnoy well honestly I think the Xperia Play seems pretty lame, good idea but its an underpowered device, also a mistake to only release on Verizon as going exclusive to 1 carrier instead of releasing multiple versions like Samsung with the Galaxy S will bite them in the ass. NGP though will be awesome, Sony seems to be taking it seriously this time unlike the PSP.

  • baldanx says:

    Fail ads. People don’t want the product after this, we want her

  • sweetepnoy says:

    With NGP, Sony has to play catch up.

    With Xperia Play, Sony can set the pace.

    N-Gage was the first gaming phone. But it doesn’t matfer if you were the first. Virtual Boy or LG Prada, anyone? What matters is if you can do it the best.

    Atrix and Optimus 2X can have Tegra 2. iPhone 4 can have a Retina Display. What is the point of better specs to a gamer if doesn’t have a true gaming pad?

  • sweetepnoy says:

    Look at the competition. A sea of sameness. All slate designs with a cute interface that gets boring after awhile. Microsoft isn’t bringing classic Xbox titles anytime soon with WP7. Games is the most lucrative genre for apps. The apps you can still play offline.

    I remember back in 2005-2006, I used to hear rumors of an “iPod phone” and “PlayStation phone.” Look at the former’s success. And 5-6 years, the “PSPgo phone” is finally here as well.

    The start of a new revolution.

  • HelghastSon says:

    if i had a me doll i would have sex with it. its not gay its masturbation

  • sweetepnoy says:

    Bigger screens = battery drain

    3G = battery drain

    LTE/4G = battery drain + higher cost in data

    Multi-core also hasn’t shown any noticeable improvement in speed or battery. Dual core or quad core isbeing future-proof since many current OSes are optimized for single core. Lots of unneccessary “4G” speed that is killing batt life. Look at the HTC Thunderbolt.

    X Play needs a higher capacity in battery and RAM.

  • sweetepnoy says:

    I would like to see the Xperia Play 2 have the 1960+ mAH battery of the Atrix. This current Play proclaiming 5.5 hours of gameplay is comparable to my PSP playing digital downloads of PS1 classics with the screen in its lowest setting. Good, but nothing amazing.

    I only need 2G for talking and mostly data if I am not around WiFi. 3G and 4G/LTE is just added bullshit to kill your battery and monthly bill. That’s why X Play doesn’t have to be the “most powerful.” You sacrifice battery.

  • taysonretondano says:

    hauhauhaua é impressão minha ou aquilo é um iPhone 4?

  • van3169 says:

    why do the iFans thimk they rule the world? are they even aware they are FAR behind the real owner of the cellph device market owner, namely nokia and that the iFreaks are considerably less numerous outside the US, good to know XPlay is gonna assrape them all

  • ginnysrocky says:

    It’s pocket grenade time you hussy, TAKE IT!!!

  • writeitandweep says:

    I watched this over and over while i was home sick. o.o

  • Toppmad says:


  • rob6van1dam9 says:

    these are the best commercials ever!

  • frizzal82 says:

    NGP is not the name of the product its the code and is also said to be just a attachment for ps3 since the ps4 project was killed, also i have owned every iphone including the iphone 4 i have also sold phones for a while and currently prefer android over apple OS. I have been waiting on this phone since i first played a emu game on a jail broken first gen iphone with that said i think the xperia play will be a great device for gamers and cell phone needs alike.

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