Sony PSOne LCD Screen SCPH-131 Videos

Just showing off the Sony PSOne LCD Screen. iRiver PMP outputting video to the PSOne LCD screen. Playing some videos. BoA, The Simpsons, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Showing games playing: Final Fantasy VII (FF7 Aerith’s death/fight against Jenova), Tekken 2, Resident Evil 2, Parappa The Rapper, Bust A Groove, NBA Live 97 (only the intro)

25 Responses to “Sony PSOne LCD Screen SCPH-131 Videos”

  • MrJ0mmy says:

    lmfao i have that iriver and same ep is on mine of simpsons

  • 6Mega6Man6 says:

    @boamuro Lol. Annihilated

  • Toomnyusernae says:

    Haha, I got every game you showed except the Basketball one at the end. Busta Move/Groove, great one. I recently picked up a PSone screen, it’s pretty sweet_^)

  • getleashed says:

    okay can someone PLEASE tell me how the heck you use the 3.5m to A/V video cable with the PS1 LCD? I want to hook up my Dreamcast to this. I already bought the 3.5m to A/V cable off eBay, but when I hook it up to the PS1 LCD and hook my Dreamcast to that, nothing happens when I power on the Dreamcast… I’ve had it both connected to the PSOne and on it’s own, not connected to the PSOne and nothing happens.. This is really starting to piss me off. Please help.

  • kingkid42 says:

    how much are those lcd screens now can they play ps3

  • KGBRAND says:

    @getleashed I don’t think it works without being connected to the PS 1. Mine works fine as a video monitor.. Whatever video I put through it. Bad cable?

  • getleashed says:

    @KGBRAND yeah im beginning to think so. cheap crap from hong kong… lol.

  • azngotback says:

    awesome never knew this exist until my friend complained about her screen being broken by little bros and sis xD….this shit is the shit xD hecka awesome!!!! did you guys hear about the limited addition ps2 briefcase that had it’s own screen and battery life? was on G4 show and game informer check it out

  • ThreeDaysOfDan says:

    @boamuro ps1 screens are only 40 bucks bro, i can go o mexico and buy a new one for 40 bucks XD

  • pet0023 says:

    @Froggatt lol that comment shows how much of a good education your parents gave you

  • Froggatt says:

    @pet0023 shows how much money you have playing ps1, GET A FUCKING JOB!

  • Froggatt says:

    @boamuro Get a job loser

  • pet0023 says:

    @Froggatt people dont play ps1 because there cheep retard they play it because ps1 had some of the best games ever created on that console.

  • pet0023 says:

    @Froggatt i have a job and maby you should get the job instad of of being a bitch on youtube and bitching to people to get something that you will never have…..

  • moviesunrated says:

    @boamuro Was it really necessary to talk about his mother in that way?

  • johnlormer says:

    i wanna have a ps1…even if i had a ps3 today!!!!

    just want to go back to the old days when i was a kid….ohhhh..memories.. :)

  • yalnif11 says:

    Use what its ment for. playing psx games

  • 88starkiller says:

    tell me my friend, vhere i can buy that lcd ? :)

  • twistedrules1 says:

    wow nice i wish i could get one beause then i can take it with me or keep it for later years and show it to my kids

  • TheRaker55 says:

    @88starkiller Probalby either ebay or Amazon.

  • mrpspnerd says:

    I had one but sold it for $50 with 2 controllers and ps1 , oh how I regret it ;(

  • unplugthis1 says:

    Hey! I’m OLD & hope you can help educate me re PSone. I can’t stomach the communication on much of YouTube anymore, this site full of it …. hoping you’ll help due to my age ??? I have a PSone with LCD screen; local guy says he will pay $40 since my little system is complete with AV, original pwr supply etc But before I sell, what do I hv? Can’t find a manual online yet. So … please

    1. what is your video showing me?
    2. will PSone play mp3 (audio CD)
    3. will it play .aiff DVD?

  • unplugthis1 says:

    4. does PSone only play video game discs?
    5. any suggestions for applications for an old lady who doesn’t play or have time
    to be distracted by yet another thing to do ……. video games will have to wait for
    me to do some other things first, like survive.

    thank you for video-ing and posting this . your site here is helpful and you seem nice. where are you? i’m in santa barbara, ca.

  • 23RAIDa says:

    they only sold these in new zealand for a week, and in the trash they went

  • brianesquinas says:

    kinda like it. how much is that dude?? the sad thing is my mother sold my ps1 to my aunt. (shoot!!) but what is the port of the screen??

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