WiiSX Beta 2 – Playstation 1 Emulator For WII ( WIISX Beta 2.1 is available )

found @: emulatemii.com Really nice release. i’ve tried some games (i like 2D games) they all work really good. i’ve tried these ones: Street Fighter Alpha 3 SNK Vs Capcom X-Men VS Street Fighter Marvel VS Street Fighter Marvel VS Capcom Pocket Fighter Street Fighter EX2 (with the frame skip thing limiter of…) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure King Of Fighters 99 Guilty Gear Mortal Kombat Trilogie Darkstalkers 3 Marvel Super Heroes Primal Rage Tatsunoko Fight Heart Of Darkness (German Version) Alundra 1 (German Version) Skullmonkeys Mickey’s Wild Adventure Earthworm Jim 2 (sux without saving, the snesgx is better for this game) Lomax The Adventure of Little Ralph Thunderforce 5 and this: Tekken 3 (works but tooo slow to play) One Piece Grand Battle 2 (works but tooo slow to play) Rayman 1 hangs at the Ubisoft screen Check: wiki.gbatemp.net

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    25 Responses to “WiiSX Beta 2 – Playstation 1 Emulator For WII ( WIISX Beta 2.1 is available )”

    • DasOsmanischeReich says:

      i need a bios… where can i download it…

    • PTwolf says:

      that’s amazing

    • DisneysBonkers028 says:

      @Sinista07 is a data dvd , just a blank dvd-r or +r ?
      and do you use nero on IMGburn

    • frankytap says:

      lol first game they spelled Combat wrong ^^

    • PIKACHU49386 says:

      I’m definitely playing Grandia!! I’ve been playing the second one on my Dreamcast, bought the first one from Amazon just so I can rip it for the Wii! 😛
      I don’t have a playstation, but I have all my PSX games still.

    • kmuz17 says:

      I need create a Dvd for this emulator on gamecube. What is the order of folders to create? And the bios and the games, in that folder will?

    • MajinWamu says:

      wiiSX doesnt let me load or save games. is there a way to fix that problem?

    • dylanszone says:

      download at emuparidise!

    • Data4664 says:

      Awesome! PSX on Wii is very good. Hello guys! Bios on PSX can be downloaded on filecrop.com search PSX bios on filecrop.com

    • Data4664 says:

      Did you have tried Castlevania Sotn, Rayman,Oddworld and Heart of darkness all is very good 2D platform games on PSX. Space invanders,Card Shark,Final fantasy,The legend of dragoon and Tomb raider is also good games for PSX. I have played all this games and this games is really awesome.

    • K0n93 says:

      the program ?i not recoginze my Wiimote. I can use the remote to load iso, change setttings, but not working in the games. ANy help?

    • kuibynaruto says:

      Is it necessary the Homebrew channel ?

    • Miles52431 says:

      Hey Guys,I have a softmodded wii 4.3E and i’ve had it like this for like a month but for some reason yesterday, my SDHC card couldn’t be read in my Wii,It used to work fine and read all my homebrew stuff like FCEUX GX etc.

      I recently moved the mega man 9 and 10 DLCs to my SDHC from my wii to see if i could get my DLCs working cus they would’nt work either

      MY SDHC still works in my pc and my wii still reads SD cards so i don’t know why my Wii wont read SDHC anymore,can anyone help thanks :)

    • tonebank2000 says:

      do u need classic controller?

    • antigay7 says:

      if using roms are illegal then how come emuparidise and cool roms has been up for so many years ?thats what im trying to figure out i think there is some kind of loop hol e in the legal system of playing these games
      i think there perfectly legal

    • PIKACHU49386 says:

      Is there music on Mortal Kombat Trilogy using WiiSX or did you mute it?

    • Rilo12 says:

      @antigay7 they’re not. you can only download the back ups if u have the original copies. downloading without the originals in your possession is stealing.

    • MultiZerodragon says:

      se juega con el mando de wii o de gamecube

    • ColterDewitt says:

      I have a Twisted Metal Small Brawl ISO from emuparadise with the extension as .img.ecm

      I placed SCHP1001 thing in the bios folder and the .img.ecm thing in the isos folder. I changed the settings to SD bios and clicked yes for bios boot.
      When I click play game, it just sits there forever. What did I do wrong?

    • damprumpan says:

      @Sinista07 why in the unholy name of ass can i not use my usb memory on this fuckness?! i’ve formated it twice and it still wont work!!!!!!!!! EVEN THOUGH I DO EVERY FUCKING THING RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

    • PocketMasterKevin says:

      How did u burn the games into the dvd?

    • PrivateSkittles99 says:

      where did you get the mortal kombat trilogy iso

    • hyppersonic64 says:

      Where did you get the bios???

    • qetesh1987 says:

      Ok first download image burn thats what you use to burn any game including Wii game.To download the playstation 1 games go to emuparadise or coolrom.any way if you guys want to download Wii games just live me a message or add me on Facebook.qe-tesh@hotmail.com.

    • qetesh1987 says:

      go to emuparadise or coolrom

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