Will Minecraft ever make it to PS3?

My attempt at a discussion/ podcast type video. I filmed this early in the mourning with no sleep. So I apologize for the lack of my energetic commentary. If you are interested in the image shown, check this guy out on devianART: supershadowmario101.deviantart.com Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Tags: Minecraft Minecon PS3 Playstation Pocket Edition Xbox 360 Release Date Trophies Achievements Guide How To Walkthrough Playthrough Lets Play HD Will Minecraft be on PS3 Download gameplay console trailer tutorial come out multiplayer mods xperia play

26 Responses to “Will Minecraft ever make it to PS3?”

  • infantrysniper1 says:

    I agree with you I’m staying with Sony

  • blaskey115 says:

    Me to

  • legomass1000 says:

    i agree to but guys dont slag notch off i really dont see em not doing it i mean cmon thumbs up if u agree dont slG notch off for nothing (yet or…)

  • XtremeOwner says:

    Microsoft paid Mojang a LOT of money to make it exclusive for xbox 360 on consoles. It will never come out on PS3. :(

  • XtremeOwner says:

    Yea..we will show those 360 players with our free PS3 servers lol. Your comment made me laugh. It’s like Microsoft will go bankrupt when Sony bring out Minecraft for PS3.

  • hernanluis55 says:

    If it came out for ps3 I would pay anything

  • MegaTony206 says:

    me 2 so disapointing:(

  • mario123098 says:

    Microsoft always gets things first by paying a couple million :( they still will never be better than Sony :). I HATE XBOX

  • stanleyhan619 says:

    IF IT COMES OUT FOR XBOX IT MUST COME OUT FOR PS3 TOO!!!! like if u agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DE4TH55 says:

    xbox is cool what r u talking about. (im a ps3 user)

  • GuerrillaAirsoft says:

    Shhh… The Xbox trolls are sleeping..

  • ThatOneGuy2381 says:

    i agree. they hav it on xbox why cant we get it for the ps3 too :(

  • sportsguy279 says:

    i have a ps3 and xbox.. i might just get xbox live silver just to get minecraft.

  • LiefyTree says:

    I fuckin hope so. It’s sad when your PC is slower than your PS3. Smh.

  • calamitysix says:

    I will seriously kill Notch if they dont make a Ps3 version!!!!( thumbs up so notch can see!)

  • person1860 says:

    The reason it’s taking notch so long to make the ps3 version of minecraft is because he has to perfect the 3D, and he also has to perfect the split screen 3D, and the 3D for the Sony 3D tv that was made for the ps3, so be patient, the 3D will be worth it and we might even start out with minecraft 1.2.5 unlike the xbox360 (really hate the xbox360!)

    Go notch! Your the best!

    Thumbs up if you agree

  • MegaTony206 says:

    damn ps3 has really disapointed me this time
    xbox already gets all of the map packs before ps3 and almost every big commentator has xbox instead of ps3 so i am really dislikeing xbox right now

  • MiniArtistsProducts says:

    The xbox is a huge wet stinky pussy…

  • russian3783 says:

    Please mojang please make a ps3 version cause all ps3 fanboys won’t ever convert to Xbox and it would be cool if both consoles has minecraft and can you make ps3 version 4 split screen controls?

  • Josh23761 says:

    Thank you, finally an Xbox user that dose not flame the PS3 with stuff like “PS3 is for fags” and “fail no one likes PS3, no minecraft on it”. finally! someone who actually is nice to us! I have nothing against Xbox, I love Xbox to. why do fans hate each other?

  • SuperGta12345 says:

    thats Microsofts marketing shit make other consoles jealous to get profit!

  • SuperGta12345 says:

    No he is not he sold out to Microsoft that fat ginger prick

  • Blackbrick26 says:

    I fuckin hate Microsoft for getting minecraft on x box

  • litningguy1 says:

    we need to start a petition

  • araozR5 says:

    most of the people have a Ps3

  • Unknown says:

    I agree with the minecraft should go on ps3 thing. I don’t think Microsoft will go bankrupt or anything, they like one of the richest companies in the world

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